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University of Madras


The University of Madras has developed an excellent Institute of Distance Education in the year 1981 to help learners to achieve their educational, career and personal goals. It has completed more than 25 years of service in the field of Distance Education. Now the IDE is offering 22 Undergraduate Courses, 14 Postgraduate Courses, 9 Postgraduate Science Courses, 5 Professional Courses, 16 Diploma Courses and 12 Certificate Courses.

Director Message

For Anyone, from Anywhere Anytime

Welcome to the Institute of Distance Education, meant for excellent Learning, Teaching and Learning Support. The acronym IDE is well known among today’s aspiring learners.

IDE is a uniquely designed unit of the University of Madras. While we are strong in developing and delivering courseware in the traditional print mode, significant achievements have been made in instructional design using recent technologies. This includes blended learning, interactive and face to face classroom environment. For our current and future students, we are committed to providing you the best pedagogical support. Distance Learning has become one of the primary engines behind much of the world's literacy growth.

The Institute of Distance Education was established in 1981 as a constituent of the University of Madras with the objective of providing opportunity for greater access to education and thereby raising the levels of intellectual attainments of people from different strata of our Country as well as from other countries.

Learning can take place anywhere it is needed, typically within the work environment at a time when the need for learning manifests itself. Learning is no more a separate or cloistered event but a part of everyday life. Therefore, learners choose when to seek learning and what specific knowledge or skills they will acquire, and it is they who decide when to stop and when to resume. The Institute of Distance Education offers numerous programmes in the distance mode. It is a specialist Institute with a core group of staff drawing upon content and expertise from our sister University Departments. It undertakes to design courses, produce materials and oversee their distribution.

The University lends flexibility to the Institute of Distance Education to offer courses from different Departments and also to initiate its own programmes in response to emerging needs promptly. The IDE has been a great boon to such students who cannot undergo full time study. Also core to the IDE operations and strategic growth are external development projects in collaboration with public and private sectors. These projects are diversified in purpose, with an educational focus and include the use of technology for the enhancement of teaching, training and learning. As of today, the IDE offers 109 programmes in the distance mode, all of our programmes have been approved by the DEC. We support over 100 examination locations in this country and abroad.

I am immensely proud to be a part of this University, which has always nurtured individuals of great creativity and dedication. Our accomplishments have been validated by the NAAC at A Grade level, University with Potential for Excellence by the UGC and the University has been ranked 5th at the national level for the second time as per India Today Nielson Survey.

Wishing you an enjoyable learning experience, and good luck in achieving your goals!

Dr. R.Panchalan,